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Emergency Dial 911
9-1-1 Addressing & GIS Coordinator: Dawn Moore

Location & Mailing Address:

Fayette County Courthouse
151 N Washington St., Room 302
La Grange, TX 78945
Direct Office: (979)968-1810   General Office:  (979)968-6469     Fax: (979)968-8621

Email address: dawn.moore@co.fayette.tx.us

The Fayette County 9-1-1 Addressing Office is the sole addressing agent for the unincorporated rural areas and select incorporated areas of Fayette County.  Since 9-1-1 was established in the United States, everyone has been or is being assigned a physical address for location purposes, in the rural counties as well as within city limits. The process to assign addresses to all Fayette County properties began in the early 1990’s.  To eliminate the need to remember two addresses, a mailing address (route & box) and a 9-1-1 physical address, the Postal Service converted to 9-1-1 addressing for mail delivery as well.  


How to obtain a 9-1-1 physical address for your property in Fayette County

You may complete the Address Request Application online and email the application to dawn.moore@co.fayette.tx.us.  You may also print the application, manually complete and mail it to the addressing office for processing.  If you choose to apply for your address in person, bringing a completed application with you will be helpful. 

You may also call the 9-1-1 Address Office at (979)968-1810 to begin the process of establishing an address.  Basic information you will be asked to provide may include the property id account number assigned by the Fayette County Appraisal District, the name of the road by which your property is primarily accessible and/or the distance from the nearest road intersection to the driveway of your property.  Other information that may be helpful are the latitude longitude coordinates of the driveway and/or building site or the neighboring property owner's name and/or address along with the distance between your driveways. 
Address Number Signs

Posting the 911 address number is important so that emergency responders can easily locate your property.

Please follow these mounting instructions when posting your address number:
  • Sign may be mounted on either side of driveway entrance
  • Mounting should be four to five feet high
  • Sign should be visible from public roadway
  • Make sure no brush, tree limbs, or other items block view of sign
  • It is suggested that the sign NOT be mounted on a mailbox as mailboxes are not always located adjacent to the property driveway
You may post a number sign of your own choosing or you may purchase a Fayette County address number sign. These are 6"x12" blue metal signs with 4" white reflective vinyl numbers.

Fayette County Address signs are available at the following locations:
  • Fayette County Judge's Office - 151 N Washington St, Rm 302, La Grange, Texas  78945      979/968-6469
  • County Building, Schulenburg - 312 Paulus St, Schulenburg, Texas  78956     979/743-4041
  • County Building, Flatonia - 216 N Market St, Flatonia, Texas  78941     361/865-3524
  • Cistern Country Store - 12604 N State Hwy 95, Flatonia, TX  78941     361/865-3655 
    Located at the Corner of Jeddo Rd & SH 95, Cistern.  Hours 11:00am – 9:00pm, including Sat-Sun. To place a sign order for pick up at the Cistern Country Store email muldoonvfd@gmail.com or call Tim Seubert at 979-247-4280

The cost per sign is $15.00. Sign(s) can be mailed to you for an additional $7.00 per sign. If you would like a sign mailed to you, please send a check made out to Fayette County to the County Judge’s Office address listed above.  Please include in your request the address number to appear on the sign as well as the address where the sign is to be mailed.

Driveway Access for Emergency Vehicles

In addition to having an address number sign posted, planning for emergency vehicle access enhances property safety and promotes effective emergency response.  In order to allow for the passage of large fire apparatuses and ambulances, driveways must be clear of low hanging tree limbs and encroaching brush.  Driveways and gates need to have an unobstructed vertical clearance of 13 feet 6 inches and a 12 foot drivable surface with a 4 foot clear zone on each side of the driveway (20 foot overall).  Emergency vehicles are also very heavy so load limits for any bridges along a driveway need to be posted at both ends of the bridge.  In addition, if you subscribe to an alarm service, property access information (gate codes, etc) need to be registered with the alarm service provider.


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