Texas Counties Deliver
Veterans Services

Veterans Service Officer: Jackie Wessels

Address: 275 Ellinger Rd.
La Grange, TX  78945
Office Phone: (979) 968-5254

The Veteran's Service Officer is an advocate for all claim's by Veteran's, Widow's of veterans, and children of veterans, for claim's submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  He sees veterans in his office, in other towns, in hospitals, in jail, and in nursing homes.  A successful Service Officer must be a man of vision and ambition; a diplomat.  He must work all day, take phone calls at night, and be on his job early the next morning.  He must be able to please all service organizations, auxiliaries, etc.  He must be a Democrat and a Republican.  He must be a man's man, a model husband, a father, devoted son-in-law, a good provider, politician, and a good office manager and correspondent.  He must attend all meetings, and in his spare time learn the laws of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and see they are properly applied.