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Sheriff: Law Enforcement
The patrol deputies of Fayette County serve the areas of the county not served by municipal law enforcement.

There are over 30 communities in this category. The patrol deputies are Lieutenant David Beyer, Sergeants Charles Jobb, Ron Naumann, Randy Thumann, Benjamin Wilson, Ryan Meagher, Sergeant Detective Angela Jasek-Lala, Detective Marc Bennett, Detective Kenn Kretz, CIT Investigator Jeremy Castleberry, Deputies Rick Bohlmann, David Smith, Herman Olvera, Mark Zimmerman, Terry Guentert, Joe Gonzales, James Ulbig, Jared Michalec, Seth Nagel, Duane Meagher, Chase Ceder, Wesly Arrison, Mark Pritchard, Cody Williams, Jason Fowler and Ty Roggenkamp. These deputies handle all nature of calls, including everything from loose livestock to burglaries and assaults. These deputies also handle as much of their own investigation as possible. Major cases are assigned to individual officers that have appropriate training.

Administration of the patrol division as well as other divisions of the Sheriff's Office are handled by Chief Deputy Randy Noviskie.

The Sheriff's Office handles twenty-four hour coverage seven days a week.  The Sheriff’s Office also divides the county into north and south sections, with specific deputies assigned to each section.  This allows deputies to be more familiar with their territory and their citizens.  It does not, however, stop a deputy from going anywhere in the county when necessary to provide service.

Deputies are Peace Officers licensed by the State of Texas.  To become a peace officer, an individual must graduate from an academy, and pass the state licensing exam.  Continuing education is also required, 40 hours every two years.  Deputies must maintain current knowledge of the Penal Code, Transportation Code, Code of Criminal Procedures, sections of the Family Code, Agriculture Code, and many others.

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