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Fayette County Elections 
Terri Hefner, Elections Administrator

275 Ellinger Rd.
Suite A
La Grange, TX  78945 

Office Phone:  (979) 968-6563
Fax Number: (979) 968-6426

E-mail Address:

E-mail Address for Ballot by Mail: fcbbm@co.fayette.tx.us 


The office of Elections Administrator and Office was created by the Fayette County Commissioner’s Court in 2006. The mission of this office is to provide the community with safe, secure and accurate elections with the highest level of integrity and transparency. 

Critical operations include the following:

  • Voter Registration
  • Providing voter and election information to the community
  • Ballot creation and certification
  • Testing of equipment before and after each election
  • Poll worker coordination and communication
  • Transporation of ballots and voting equipment to and from polling locations
  • Voter check-in to include verifying identity and eligibility
  • Unofficial results tabulation on election night
  • Delivery of results to the public
  • Canvass of official results
  • Secure storage of voting devices, elections records, and electronic media during the preservation period
  • Mail Completed Applications to:

    Fayette County Voter Registration

    PO Box 605

    La Grange, TX 78945