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As a general rule, law enforcement is one of those areas where extra help can always be used and appreciated. There are a limited number of deputies in Fayette County to serve a large area and population.

In 1994, Sheriff Rick Vandel started the Fayette County Reserve Deputy Program. Fayette County now has eight reserve deputies who began service with the Sheriff's Office in this program, as well as other reserve deputies who assist the Sheriff's Office.

These individuals are certified peace officers, as well as holding full time jobs of their own. They volunteer their time with the Fayette County Sheriff's Office, providing invaluable assistance to full time deputies.

Fayette County Reserve Deputies are Teddy Thomas, Arvin Gresham, Michael York, Justin Pannell, Randy Walcik, Conner Hollas and Hardy Hay.

We recognize these people for their generosity in giving time to serve their community through the Fayette County Sheriff's Office.

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